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Top 10 Social Media Calendar Tools For Your Business

Social media calendar tools are fast becoming essential in the world of marketing. For good reason too, because this handy software can really make your life easier.

If you want to systematize and streamline your approach to social media marketing campaigns, a calendar tool should be a high priority for you. From planning and posting to content creation, these tools also have the potential to boost the efficiency and brand awareness of any modern organization.

The following list is a brief breakdown of ten of the very best social media marketing tools currently available. There is a scheduling tool here for every type of team.


  • All-In-One Social Management
  • Social Campaigns & Templates
  • Social Inbox & Analytics
  •  60+ social posts in bulk

CoSchedule is ideal for all marketers looking to organize and schedule their social media accounts in a systematic fashion. Likewise, it is designed for the modern company, which is why it offers integrations with all major social media platforms, popular email solutions, and content tools. 

With CoSchedule you have the ability to create message templates for automating your promotional campaigns. Their ReQueue feature also allows you to maintain a consistent social media presence by automatically resharing your top content. 

The “Top Content Report” also documents all social shares and helps you track your clients’ engagement. However, CoSchedule focuses more on the actual content rather than just looking at social performance.

CoSchedule Pricing Page

Sprout Social 

  • Publish, schedule, draft and queue posts
  • Social content calendar
  • Profiles, keywords, and locations monitoring
  • iOS and Android mobile apps

Social Sprout helps you organize and deliver content across all your social networks.

As a comprehensive marketing platform, it also offers a multifaceted calendar interface that has an intelligent solution for any of the problems a social media campaign might throw your way. 

The compose window allows you to schedule your posts in a streamlined manner. You can also manage posts on multiple profiles and social networks with the easy-to-navigate visual publishing calendar. Even better, this can all be automated and timed to land at times when they have traditionally attracted the most engagement.

In conclusion, this is a great tool for optimizing your social media engagement.

SproutSocial Pricing Page


  • Auto scheduling
  • Publishing calendar
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Access to free apps

Hootsuite is an interactive planner that makes for easy project oversight whenever you are plotting out your social media calendar. 

This software is used by over 10 million users in 175 countries, and it’s easy to see why. It’s because Hootsuite gives you the ability to analyze, publish, and monitor your social media output in a fast and effective way.

Editing and generating new posts are made simple, and auto-scheduling means you can keep that vaunted 24/7 social presence which is so necessary for international companies. In addition, the special Hootsuite “streams” format offers a more fluid and flexible workflow than a rigid calendar grid.

Hootsuite Pricing Page


  • Posting Schedule
  • Tailored Posts for Each Social Network
  • Reports and Analytics
  • iOS and Android Apps

Originally from the U.K, Buffer has since relocated to California where its rapid growth continues at full steam.

This software is great for managing multiple social media accounts at the same time. Each account is given its own publishing schedule, on top of that, it will suggest an ideal posting time for your content once it is ready to post.  

In addition, there are some excellent customization features available if you like to work in specific ways. For example, messages can be optimized to meet the criteria of a particular social media platform. Likewise, the simple dashboard and calendar features make it easy to visualize the posts once they are ready to go. 

Buffer Pricing Plan


  • Social media best practice
  • Photos & Videos
  • Automated publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google My Business
  • Automated pushing for Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

The first thing that stands out about Loomly is that the interface design is on point – both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Other than that, this is another fine example of a content management tool that allows you to organize your social media output systematically. 

In addition, it is fully integrated with all the major social media platforms which allow you to create holistic marketing campaigns that stay on brand across the board. The efficient approval workflow targets approval from the “right” kind of visitors and scheduling and posting can also be automated.

Loomly Pricing Page


  • Custom Tagging 
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Content Hold
  • Advanced Analytics

ContentCal is an intuitive social media tool that specializes in content planning.

Firstly, its visual content calendar – with its custom tagging feature  – makes planning for multiple social networks less convoluted and time-consuming. Similarly, it also provides an interface that is so easy to use that it is always well received by beginners. 

You can collaborate easily as a team, as well as publish, push, and analyze posts in your own preferred way. Conversation and editing of projects are also made simple which really helps keep the content coming at the speed social media requires. 

ContentCal Pricing Plan


  • Automatic posting
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Optimal posting analysis
  • Multiple integrations

Sendible is looking to help you simplify your social media management by scheduling your posts both individually and in bulk. All your content can be queued and put on hold so that certain well-performing posts can be reused to the best effect. The calendar view also allows you to have an overview of your schedule with the easy option to edit and change posts.

You can optimize your content from within the platform and preview them before they are posted to see how they would look on their intended platform. In addition, the “priority inbox” sends all the vital information to a single dashboard. 

Sendible Pricing Plan

Meet Edgar 

  • Automatic Status Updates
  • Unlimited library for your content 
  • Unlimited content categories
  • Edgar University learning resource

Meet Edgar is a software that allows you to automate all aspects of your social media publishing. 

Its sophisticated program has the ability to write and publish posts on your behalf. It also has the capacity to take sample quotes from the most engaging sections of previous articles and repurpose them as social media captions. 

You can also create content categories that allow you to organize your posts evenly throughout the week.

MeetEdgar Pricing Plan


  • Build marketing plans
  • Coordinate campaign production
  • Manage content in action
  • Analyze Marketing impact

Firstly, with Percolates content production workflow every team member can play an active role in the completion and management of your social media campaigns.

In addition, integration with popular publishing tools means you can schedule social posts for automated broadcast across all social media platforms. Likewise, the calendar works well for both offline and online marketing planning. 

Hopper HQ 

  • Scheduled & instant posts
  • Video post scheduler
  • Repost & reschedule
  • Bulk upload

Hopper HQ is an Instagram specific scheduler that is all about simplifying the social media management process.

Planning your social media posts, and managing your schedules can all be done from the same place. You have the option to preview your posts on all platforms. There is even a nifty image editor that lets you add filters and change the orientation or other aspects of your images.

The automated post feature allows you to line up and post 50 posts. 

HopperHQ Pricing Page


Social media scheduling tools have the potential to make your team more efficient and improve the organization of your projects. If you are a team that manages multiple social media accounts and wants to systematize your approach to content creation, planning, and posting, there are some excellent options available.

Although the entries on this list share the same basic goals to improve and streamline your social media planning, they do it in different ways. The tools you need, the size of your team, and the features that will have the most positive effect on your company should all be considered before you decide upon one company over the other. 

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