The Best 5 Shopping Cart Software For Your Online Business

Getting the right shopping cart software for your online store is a crucial part of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

There are several factors that can help you decide between the different platforms that are available. Firstly, your level of tech know-how should be considered because some shopping carts are easier to work with than others. Secondly, how big is your business? Certain platforms are better for large scale operations and others for smaller businesses. Lastly, how much are you willing to spend and how much customization are you looking to implement?

All of these factors will determine the platform that works best for you. The following article provides a breakdown of the top five shopping cart software currently available. No matter what type of business you are running, there is a shopping cart for you on this list.

Shopping Cart #1: Shopify

Fast, Simple, and Secure

First and foremost, Shopify is a shopping cart software that is very easy to use. This is a major benefit for many people starting out on their eCommerce journey. One of the reasons things are so simple with Shopify is that they host the store on their servers. As a result, they handle all the technical aspects that come with running an online store. All you have to do with Shopify is sign-up, pick your theme, and get started. 

In addition to its simplicity, Shopify is huge. These guys have got some serious connections (seamless integration with over 100 payment processors), so you won’t struggle for accessibility or reach when you choose Shopify. It is not only well managed internally, but also well trusted by online consumers across the globe. 

They have the plans and the scope to deal with businesses of any size and offer a well respected 24/7 customer support system all year round. If you are looking for something fast, simple, and secure, then look no further than Shopify.

 Shopify Pricing Plans

PlanBasic Shopify
All the basics for starting a new business
Everything you need for a growing business
Advanced Shopify
Advanced features for scaling your business
Price US$29 per month$79 per monthUSD$299 per month

Shopping Cart #2: Ecwid

Sell From Anywhere Around the World

shopping cart

Ecwid gives you the ability to sell your products from anywhere in the world – whether that be from a website, a social media site, or an online marketplace. In that sense, they position themselves differently from a company such as Shopify who provides a one-stop online store for you to sell your products. 

Ecwid offers a shopping cart that can be plugged into various well-known platforms such as WordPress, Weebly, Instagram, and Facebook. Despite this multi-platform aspect, Ecwid still allows you to control everything from a single platform. You can manage your product inventory, order management, and product pricing all from the same place.

This shopping cart can now boast a worldwide scope. They have access to over 40 payment gateways in 175 countries and offer service in 50 languages. Certainly, you have to be more tech-savvy with Ecwid then with other, simpler eCommerce sites but most people should find it easy to use.

Ecwid Pricing Plans

Create your own powerful store for free
Grow your product catalog, access more tools
Scale up to the Business level
Unlock Ecwids full potential 
PriceUSD $0 per month $8.75 per month/paid annually US$20.41 per month/paid annually $57.75 per month/paid annually

Shopping Cart #3: 3D Cart

Founded back in 1997, 3D Cart has been a part of the e-commerce scene from the very beginning. Back then it operated as what is known as a sponge software, a software that is created to collect and aggregate all the best eCommerce features on the market.

It is an innovative and easily customizable software that allows you to design your own storefront webpage or pick from a pre-made template. 3Dcart has got social media integration down pat so you shouldn’t have any trouble linking with your other online platforms. 

Something that is unique to 3D cart is that they give their users the opportunity to request help and get assistance with everything from SEO and Social Media, to Facebook ads and PPC consulting. They will also make sure you have tweaked your store so that it is perfectly set up to sell. This is ideal for clients with little-to-no business or marketing experience.

3D Cart Pricing Plans

1 Staff UserNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products

2 Staff UserNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products

5 Staff UserNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
15 Staff UserNo Transaction FeesUnlimited Products
Price USD$9.50/Month$19/mo after promo$14.50/Month$29/mo after promoUS$39.50/Month$79/mo after promo$114.50/Month$229/mo after promo

Big Commerce

Already ten years in the eCommerce game and BigCommerce is still going strong. This is a company that places a big importance on customer support, promising to “support your business, not just your store”.

As well as providing full-service phone and messaging support the year-round, Big Commerce also provides an extensive catalog of tutorial media for educating their users. If the support and educational resources still don’t do the trick, Big Commerce will provide you with access to a team of eCommerce experts. From here you can get the advice you need on selling, Adwords and analytics amongst other things. 

Bigcommerce offers a nicely varied line in templates and themes which means you can create a brand-specific look to suit your store. They also offer a decent amount of compatibility after collaboration deals with other online shopping platforms like Amazon and Instagram.

Big Commerce Pricing Plans

Sell online with your own beautiful online store

Grow your online business with marketing tools proven to increase conversion

Scale your growing business with a comprehensive set of features
Power your team’s success with the best full-service open platform
Contact sales


Management, Promotion, and Analysis.

Shopacino enters the eCommerce industry as bright newcomers. The challenge, as they see it is to build an eCommerce solution that is simple, smart, and user-friendly. They have certainly gone a long way to achieving that. The move towards simplicity is not a bad way to increase your potential customer base as it attracts those without any tech background. 

The Shopaccino platform provides a host of pre-integrated marketing tools that can help you tweak your site once you activate it. Automatic analytics reports will aid your ability to set up and organize your product pages for the greatest effect, while their marketing and tracking tools will help you create on-point promotional deals. 

A feature that Shopaccino have got right straight out of the gate is their payment options and checkout pages. All major payment options are catered for and taxes are calculated automatically during transactions.

Shopaccino Pricing Plan

30 days free trial

With 30 days free trial

30 days free trial
With 30 days free trial

Key Takeaways

More and more business is taking place online – at this stage, almost all business takes place online – and why not? Having the ability to quickly and easily put your products on a worldwide market is an opportunity that you would be foolish to ignore.

For this reason, we have seen the emergence of many eCommerce sites, sites that help entrepreneurs transition onto the online world. What is great about these sites is that they allow the market to grow and make it easier for merchants and consumers to buy and sell online

The five companies on this list are at the very pinnacle of the eCommerce world. They stand out because of their superior interfaces, user-friendliness, integration possibilities, and compatibility with payment services and other online platforms. 

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